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Image by Brooke Cagle

Lose Inches. Tighten Your Skin. Feel Younger.

Get the expert guidance and care you need to feel healthier, look better, live longer, and have more energy without drugs or surgery at our weight loss center.

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Our Goal for You

If you have tried fad dieting, extreme exercise programs, or even thought about those risky surgeries listen closely... Our team is here to help!

The body of your dreams is attainable. Let our knowlege of how the body works from within help you on your journey.  With a solid diet and consistent movement we can make some major changes. Add to that some great natural supplements and amazing tech like Contour Light and you will reach your goals in no time. 


Sustainable Programs

Non -Surgical

See day 1 progress

Our Services


Contour Light

Contour light is an in-office service provided to help reduce stubborn body fat and inches through the benefits of red and infrared light therapy! 


1 on 1 health coaching

Dr. Tyler is here to help guide you along your weight loss journey with dietary, exercise, and lifestyle coaching. If you have big goals and are willing to commit this is the way to go! 

(In office or virtual)

About Us


Forge was created to help bring health to the greater Raleigh area. Our philosophy is that we should work with the intelligence of the body to create proper function and wellbeing. Our goal is to provide quality care that focuses on natural and holistic approaches to achieve the goals of our members.

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